Creativity 5pcs 3D Printer Accessories X/Y/Z Axis End Stop Limit Switch 3Pin N/O N/C Control Easy to Use Micro Switch for CR10 Series Ender

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Normally 3Pin mechanical limit switch for 3D Printer.
Compatible with CR10 Series, or other 3D printer.
Small and compact size, easy installation, just plug and play.
100% Creality original limit switch, comes with 5 pieces.
A good accessory will work perfect with your 3D printer.
Type:Limit Switch (3pin)
Suitable:for CR10 Series, or other 3D printer.
Max Voltage:250V
Switch Size (each one):2.5 * 2 * 0.7cm / 1.0 * 0.8 * 0.3in
Switch Weight (each one):2.7g / 0.09oz
Note:Only limit switch is included.
Package included
5 x 3D Printer Accessories

Weight 0.017 kg


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