T101 interactive Translator 40 Languages Real-time Mutual Translation HD Noise Reduction High-quality intelligent Translator Support Wifi Hotspot

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-Multilingual translation:The voice language translator can support bidirectional translation in 40 languages.fast translation, the accuracy rate is as high as 98%.
-Loudspeaker:The sound is standard and loud, and it is easy to meet your multilingual translation needs, enabling you to achieve cross-border communication smoothly.
-Intelligent portable translator:This voice translator has an ultra-compact design, small size and light weight, which is convenient for most business people and global travelers to carry, especially gifts for parents.It is also a good partner for language learning.
-Two-way instant translation:With instant two-way translation, you can easily and quickly enjoy and practice conversations in a new language.Translating back and forth can speed up the learning process and have a more interesting conversation with friends and strangers.

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