ORICO 14/15.6 inch Multifunctional Laptop Cooling Pad Notebook Cooler Radiator with 2 Fans Aluminum Bracket for Macbook 14/15.6 inch PC Laptops

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Multifunctional aluminum laptop stand / cooling pad
Cool your laptop, create a comfortable posture and organize cables on your desk with Orico’s stylish aluminum laptop cooling pad.The multifunctional standard ensures that the heat from your laptop can go well.
Heat conduction via 636 cooling holes and aluminum
The 2mm thick aluminum laptop stand is equipped with no less than 636 cooling holes.This allows the heat that comes from the laptop easily away.The heat is not only led away via the cooling holes.Aluminum also provides better thermal conductivity.Even if the fan of the laptop is switched off, sufficient heat will be dissipated.
Comfortable attitude
A big advantage besides cooling your laptop with this standard is that you immediately adopt a better posture.Because an ergonomic, visual angle is created, a comfortable typing experience is created.Not only for short use, this attitude is fine, even with full days of work or gaming on the laptop you will notice that the adopted attitude is finer.
Cable management
The laptop cooling pad from Orico has an open back.This allows your cables to work away neatly for an organized desk.A tidy desk is obviously nice, but it is also better for the cables.Because they are neatly tidy through the opening of the aluminum stand, they are less likely to damage and the service life is longer.The laptop cooling pad from Orico is made in such a way that peripherals can easily be connected to the sides.
Can be used with various laptops
The laptop has a ‘Mac Style’ appearance.Because of the aluminum and the silver matt finish, the laptop fits perfectly in an ‘Apple’ environment.You can put your MacBook on the stand, but other laptops can be placed up to 15 inches very well.
The product is very user-friendly.The laptop cooling stand is light in weight, made of high quality materials and the aluminum provides good heat conduction.The corners are also rounded so you can not hurt yourself.The laptop cooling pad has anti-slip material made of natural rubber.This keeps the stand, but also the laptop, in place.
鉁Laptop holder / laptop cooler
鉁636 cooling holes
鉁Clean desk
鉁Create an ergonomic posture
鉁Material:2mm thick aluminum and natural rubber
鉁Rounded corners
鉁Mac Style
鉁Matte finish
鉁Weight:426 g
鉁Product dimensions:260mm x 350mm x 58mm
Package includes
1 x ORICO Laptop Cooling Pad
(NOT including other things in the pictures)

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