Baseus GAMO GK01 Single Hand Gaming Keyboard 35 Keys one-handed Mini Keyboard

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Mechanical Key Click
35 keys Keyboard Layout
Non-conflict All Keys
Satellite Axis Balancing Key
ABS Laser Carved Transparent Keycap
34 Orange Backlights
Optimization of High Frequency Key Position
Name:GAMO One-Handed Gaming Keyboard GK01
Material:PC+ Silicone
Interface:Standard USB
Product dimension:245.4*150.2*39mm
Product weight:514.5g (excluding packaging)
Safety certification:CE, RoHS
Compatibility:Support Baseus GAMO Mobile Game Adapter GA01, WIN 2000/XP/ME/Vista/7/8/10, Android, Linux, iP mobile phone system, iP computer system, etc.
Attachment list:Game one-handed keyboard *I +lnstruction manual *1+ Warranty card *I
Package includes
1 * Single Hand Gaming Keyboard
1 * lnstruction Manual
1 * Warranty Card

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