HXSJ V200+J800 Keyboard & Mouse Combo 35 Keys one-handed Blue Switch RGB Backlight Mechanical Keyboard Full-Key Macro Programming 6400DPI Mechanical Gaming Mouse Set

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Keyboard Light effect mode
1.support a variety of super cool LED lighting effects Fn + Esc = backlight mode switching,
The order effect is as follows:Monochrome fixed 鈫Single light 鈫Monochrome breath 鈫扨ull changing鈫water ripple 鈫diagonal pull 鈫left and right slide 鈫扗iffusion mode 鈫抌acklight off (default is always on)
2.The host enters the sleep or standby state, and the backlight function is turned off.
After the host is started, the previous mode is restored.
3.FN + 5 = side backlight mode switch (4 different RGB light modes)
4.HXSJ brand LOGO is colorful backlight.
Keyboard FN Combination Function
1:Support game mode Fn+ ~ = normal mode / game mode switching Game mode:full keyboard backlight flashes 5 times after switching game mode(Cut the normal mode is similar) The corresponding button functions are as follows
F1鈫扤umber 7.汧2鈫抧umber 8.汧3鈫扤umber 9
F4鈫抧umber 0.汧5鈫equal key).汱etter G 鈫letter M.
2:Fn+Esc=Backlight mode switching
Fn+1=Speed movement speed is increased (third speed adjustment)
Fn+2=Lighting speed slows down (third speed adjustment)
Fn+3=Light brightness enhancement (third brightness adjustment)
Fn+4=Lighting brightness is weakened
FN+5=side backlight mode switching
3:Support Windows 2000 / XP / win7 / win8 / win10 / Vista 32bit, for MAC,Android.
Full-key 7 customizable macro programming.
Six-speed variable speed adjustable DIP (800-1600-2400-3200-4800-6400).
Professional game chip
Aluminum alloy 3D metal roller.
1680 million color backlight multiple mode changes.
Mechanical design, comfortable skin feel.
DIY custom weight module.Mounted in the mouse counterweight tank, so that the operation has better stability and positioning accuracy.
– Name:One-hand mechanical keyboard
– Model:V200
– Color:Black
– Key Technology:Mechanical Blue
– Number of keys:35 keys (full keys without conflict)
– Operating voltage:VDD = 3.3V – 5.5V
– Working current:100mA
– Key life:>50 million times
– Ambient temperature:- 40掳 C – + 85掳 C
– Length:160cm
– Product Size:20.3*15.3*3.5cm
– Product weight:382g
– Packing size:26.5*16*4cm
– Package Weight:463g
– Name:Mechanical Macros Define Game Mouse
– Model:J800
– Color:Grey
– Material:Plating + matt UV
– DPI:6400DPI
– Button:7 programmable buttons
– Switch life:20 million cycle
– Cable length:165cm
– Item Weight:154g
– Item Size:13.6×7.8×3.8cm
– Package Weight:208g
– Package Size:15*9.8*5cm
– Support system:Windows 2000 / XP / win7 / win8 /win10 Vista 32bit IOS or latest
Package Included
– 1 x gaming keyboard(35 keys)
– 1 x gaming mouse
– 1 x user manual

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