Consumables Dust-proof and Hygroscopical Dryer Moisture Box for 3D Printer

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1.Take it out and put it into the internal consumables of the 3D printer (cabinet) and regenerate it with electricity before using it.The method is as follows
A:Find out that the power plug on the power supply (AC220V) indicator is on.
B:Power on for about 2-3 hours, use moisture absorbent to fully regenerate and dry (heat and dehumidify).
C:Unplug the power supply to retrieve the plug and let the moisture absorber stand for 15 minutes to cool it.
D:Put the hygroscopic card in the internal consumables of the 3D printer (cabinet) to absorb moisture.
Power supply voltage:AC 110V-240V
Volume:115 x 74 x 34mm
Adapter:EU Plug
Package included
1 x Drying Box

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