12/24V 0.4mm 1.75mm NF THC-01 3-in-1-out 3 Color Switching Remote Extruder Hotend Kit for 3D Printer Parts

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Voltage 12V / Voltage 24V /

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3D printer parts NF THC-01 kit for 3 in 1 outdoor assembly multi color three colors switching remote extruder Hotend kit for 0.4mm 1.75mm
Color switching is fast and stable, without significant print quality defects.Firmware modification is simple and easy to use.
Users can easily achieve 3 or 2 colors printing.It can also be used as single-nozzle hotend kit.
NF THC-01 3 in 1 outdoor three color mixing printing assembly kit
Nozzle diameter:0.4mm
Filament suit:1.75mm
Feeding mode:remote feeding
Extruder adaptation:Titan, bulldog and other remote extruders (bulldog extruders recommended)
Dimensions:main heat sink block 60 * 27 * 27mm
Heating voltage:12V/24V(optional)
Waiting distance for color switching:≥45mm
Erase tower capacity:≥55mm & sup; 3
Package Included
1 x V6 nozzle
1 x V6 heating block
1 x 3010 fan
1 x NF THC-01 Extruder

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