10Pcs 0.4*25mm/Mix Size Nozzle Cleaning Tool Drill Bit for 3D Printer Hotend

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0 is mix size version (0.3*25mm+0.4*25mm).2 is 0.4*25mm version.Please choose the version you want.
This Drill bit is for cleaning of the nozzle, before use it, first please make sure your nozzle is heated to the temperature of printing the filament you was used.
If you were use ABS filament, please heat the nozzle to 200-220º Celsius, PLA is about 180-200º Celsius
Lengthened, apply with new technology, not easy to break, bendable,
– Available models:0.4mm /Mix size (0.3*25mm+0.4*25mm)
– Material:Stainless steel
– For 3D Printer Nozzle
Package Included
10pcs 0.4x25mm Tool Drill Bit
10pcs mix random Tool Drill Bit(0.3*25mm+0.4*25mm)

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