Upgraded 12V Rumba Plus integrated Mainboard Control Board with 6xA4988 Stepper Driver for 3D Printer

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Package Included
1 x Rumba plus motherboard
6 x A4988 green drive
6 x rubber heat sink
1 x USB cable
1.Rumba uses an integrated 3D printer control board based on the ATmega2560 AVR processor, which is designed for CNC machinings such as 3D printers, engraving machines, and laser cutting machines.
2.You can use a personal computer to control the 3D printer via a USB cable connection or print directly from the SD card.Thanks to the integrated design, easy installation and commissioning, and the use of the common IDE as development software, firmware upgrades, the parameter configuration is simple and easy to use.
3.Compared with the common 3D printing control board (such as RAMPS) in the market, there is one more motor drive, which reduces the part of the straight plug part, which improves the connectivity and stability.
1.Using the same CPU as MEGA, Atmega2560 is used as the main control chip, and with the high-performance USB chip ATMEGA16U2, it can be compatible with all RAMPS related firmware;
2.5 temperature sensor interface inputs;
4.With LCD expansion interface, you can connect the Chinese LCD screen and SD expansion board to achieve offline printing (support 2004 and 12864);
5.With servo expands the interface to facilitate the addition of automatic leveling function;
6.Support 6 A4988 16 subdivision stepper board;
7.PWM DC output (heating tube, fan, etc.):6 output (1 channel high current, 3 channel current, 2 channel small current), using high-performance low conduction resistance Mos tube for driving, each output LED as an indication;
8.Power supply part:The power input is 12v-35v, dual power supply design, effectively avoid mutual influence, the hotbed part supports 11A current, 12V, other parts of the circuit, 5A, 12V, in order to lower the high temperature generated by the large current on the MegaController board It is recommended to add a 12V cooling fan.
9.The control board firmware will use the most widely used Marlin, and its stability, ease of use and functionality are very good.
Compilation environment:IDE
span style=’font-size:14px;’>Firmware:Marlin
PC software:printrun, Repetier-Host
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