EC-T1 4K@60Hz TV Stick Display Dongle HDMI Type C to HDTV Cable Adapter 4K Solution Support TV PC Projector Phone and Laptop

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T1 USB Type C to HDMI cable
USB Type-C male & HDMI female
HDMI Resolution
4K@60Hz/30Hz, 3840*2160
PVC for cable, Aluminum Alloy for case
An excellent multifunction Type C
Fashion, slim, light weight, portable.
– Type C USB 3.1 male to HDMI female cable.
– Image resolution can be up to 4K*2k(3840*2160 HD).
– Screen mirroring on TVs, you can view pictures/videos/games/files from phone/laptop/tablet on TVs.
– 怭lug and Play
Just Plug and play directly, no driver required with this cable.
-Supports up to 4K Resolution /b>
Supports resolution up to 4K 3840*2160@60Hz.backward compatible with 2K or 1080p.
– 怣irror or Extend, whichever you like /b>
Easily connecting your Type C laptops & phones to HDMI-Enabled monitor, HDTV, or projector.
Even more display screen at the same time with mirroring or extending mode.
– 怶idely Application /b>
The USB Type C to HDMI cable let you to transfer video and audio signals between two devices in real time for a high quality visual display because of its powerful chips, you can share your favorite video or pictures at home or show some business files for work or teaching file/presentation for education by applying the compact, portable cable
– 怌hange Phone as Laptop when playing, Work with phone檚 laptop mode for much brand /b>

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